AVOLUS is the first fully integrated luxury transport company to offer ground, air and sea transportation via one-off charters and pre-paid cards. It is operational 24 hours in 7 days a week and handles its clients’ trips around the world. Its mission is to be one of world’s most recognized company in providing luxury transportation to both, High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and corporate clients. AVOLUS’ business model offers clients services through pre-paid cards at a moment’s notice. These cards provide the ability to charter aircraft, chauffer driven cars and yachts without having to wait for the funds to clear. By acting as a broker between the end client and limousine, jet, helicopter or yacht provider AVOLUS is able to source the best price and option on behalf of the client.

The project has been established in response to the increasing need for a pan-European service provider for the transportation needs of International Organizations and events, capital raising road shows, corporations, independent businessmen, senior executives and valued clients. The benefits of AVOLUS membership will go beyond the highest

The incubation of AVOLUS took place during 2005 leading to impressive results in terms of image, clientele, business development, financing and team and international growth. AviaMediaTech Ltd’s role as an incubator was not only to create long term strategic and financial plans for AVOLUS but also to structure it’s financing (Equity and Debt) and recruit an experienced staff and management sustain further growth. In the first phase, AVOLUS has two priorities; finalize partnership agreement with national limousine operators and well known air transport companies, covering all the core European luxury transport markets (UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Benelux, Spain, Russia and Germany), and beginning to expand its services to other core countries for its clients primarily in the United States and United Arab Emirates. Secondly, develop the business by executing the marketing plan, develop the service center and signing up the first customers. Alongside the main priorities, benefits such as concierge service and access to restaurants and VIP clubs around Europe will also be added as complementary services to the core business model.

In the second phase, further partnership with land, air and sea companies will be identified and invited to join the network so as to provide a complete pan-European and potentially global service. Key elements to assure the success of the project are AVOLUS’ strong management and advisory teams, expertise in the core industries of their business and with fractional ownership companies.

These activities resulted in turnover that was 75% over initial goal during its first full year of activity, plans to open 2 offices outside the UK and a wide database of loyal clients and business development deals with prestigious brands including Baglioni Hotels, American Express and Ferrari. The AVOLUS brand became an international luxury brand on its own, within two years after the start of incubation process.

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