direct energie

Direct Energie is a French low cost electricity supplier for professionals, small and medium businesses and local governments. Prior assessment the company mission is to commercialize the electricity market for its customers by forecasting their future electricity consumption therefore create a competitive market for electricity mainly targeting customers with low unit consumption. The complexity of efficiently managing and measuring the electricity demands of consumers constitute a significant barrier to entry, which Direct Energie has overcome through mastering the technical dynamics of electricity supply and the quality of information systems. As the company has secured its electricity provision, they have identified their goal as to become the number one alternative supplier within their target market, aiming to increase their client portfolio up to 100.000 customers by the end of 2006, and to invest in production or distribution assets.

To achieve their goal, Direct Energie was to increase its customer acquisition rate through increasing the number of indirect distributors and its sales brokers and sales force, alongside with increasing the company footprint and visibility through various marketing tactics. AviaMediaTech Ltd’s role as a fund raiser was to establish a list of Private Equity Funds to find new financial investors to contribute the company growth with a total of 5M Euro capital rising by creating a “teaser” to approach funds. After preliminary arrangements, private equity funds were introduced with Direct Energie management team to discuss the project and finalize the investment terms sheet. Fund raising took place in the United Kingdom, where the results were reached very quickly; fund raising took place from 2005-2007.

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