Airlines are facing challenges across the industry due to rapidly changing business models.

Low-cost carriers are adding pressure to national short-haul networks, while long-haul routes are facing growing competition from airlines operating in the Middle East and Asia as well as those of low-cost carriers who are broadening their range of services.

Aviation industry continually adapts to changing market conditions such as fuel prices, economic growth and development, environmental issues, infrastructure and emerging markets. Environment demands a new way of doing business including an adaptive business model and complex multinational integrations to achieve the necessary economies of scale.

Rapidly changing market conditions in the aviation industry has spurred manufacturers to design aircrafts that are more efficient in terms of high fuel prices. Industry is forecasted to face long-term demand for new airplanes to replace older models and support fleet growth to stimulate the growth in emerging markets.

AviaMediaTech Ltd works together with aviation executives to overcome these challenges. Key areas that companies need to master are understanding customer needs through a personalized and deep customer relations, developing services to support the demand from the customer side while bearing in mind the cost complexity and understanding the new ways of marketing, distributing and selling these services to customers who have become more mobile –oriented due to new technological innovations that have transformed the ways air travel is sold.

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