cosmetic and consumer products

Cosmetics and skin care products encompass a great share of the beauty industry, which as a whole is worth of 180 billion euros and is set for solid growth of 3% in the coming years.

The industry is a supply-driven market supported by innovation and quality.

New and growing markets, such as Japan, are driven by the emergence of middle classes and were responsible for over 80% of total market growth in 2014. Consumers are more informed and connected today than never before and are constantly looking for personalized beauty routines.

Digital revolution has offered a great amount of possibilities for the beauty industry, enabling them to form stronger relationships with their loyal customers while also educating and inspiring new potential clients. Selective brands offer more personalized products and services, as well as exclusive experiences through carefully planned digital strategies. Volatile prices, increasing competition, stagnating market growth and greater cost-consciousness and higher quality demand from the customer side are shaping the consumers products industry presenting challenges for the management teams.

Our expertise in consumer goods and international markets will help our clients to face these issues and drive towards growth.

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