media and entertainment

The Media and Entertainment is still strongly dominated by the traditional business model, but movement to an online “over the top” is accelerating.

Behind the acceleration is the large amount of content available to us via the Internet and devices that offer a high quality viewing experiences anywhere, at any time on all devices.

Changing consumer behavior offers many opportunities for companies operating in entertainment content industry as the Internet offers the possibility to connect with and market directly to consumers.

These changes are challenging each segment of the media industry, from printed media to e-commerce, music and movies; we seek to bring enhanced business disciplines to dynamic media, music and entertainment companies to support their creative process.

Our team has gained valuable consulting and fund raising experience in France working with Zurban and other companies in this sector.

The UK media, music, and entertainment market is one of the most exciting and competitive in the world, as seen in the recent upsurge in M&A and IPO activity and Private Equity deals. Our expertise in global, multi-media platform launch and content development, including events and online and offline marketing strategies, will help us guide you through the next big thing in media; merging of the technology, media and telecom industries.

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