technology and telecommunications

From broadband and wireless communications through IT infrastructure to Biotech, the Technology sector is one of huge opportunity coupled with highly competitive markets that demand robust market positioning strategies and the ability to project brands on an international scale.

Our team has gained substantial expertise working with innovative companies, particularly in the area of Telecommunications and Internet convergence, where we have provided consultancy and capital services to support the development of advanced business solutions for SMEs.

We believe the core to effective product development and deployment is the understanding of the wider stakeholder audience as well as identifying profitable early adopter markets. In the fast-moving mobile technology industry, today’s business strategies are already yesterday’s news tomorrow. Most successful businesses are re-writing the rules of technology industry in real time, with new companies rocketing to success in mobile technology faster than before.

Many opportunities in commerce, gaming and communications are currently happening in mobile application technology, and this shift will influence in social cultural and psychological aspects. Strong global competition, shorter product life cycles with more complex supply chains and increased pricing force high-tech companies to wind new innovative solutions for growth within the fast moving industry.

Our team has gained expertise within the industry and has the tools to anticipate these technological changes to your company to recognize opportunities and avoid possible threats through disruptive thinking and execution. We offer solutions to improve current operating model efficiency, supply chain management and more strategic sourcing approaches for greater savings and profitability.

Smartphones have changed the way people communicate, shop, make payments and travel, therefore Apps present the new big business opportunity. In his book ‘How to Build a Billion Dollar App’, George Berkowski presents the mobile-app world and technology in a detailed yet practical way. A must-read book of the biggest and fastest wealth-creating opportunity in our history (

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