Trading Services

Whether you are a Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) or a Multinational corporation we have the specialist consultancy skills to help you execute winning tactics and strategies. We stay on top of markets, trends and emerging opportunities in all industries we operate in. Our international team highlights the importance of developing knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome to our clients. Our focus is on the external development of the company including strategic positioning, market penetration, and international expansion (from/to Asia, America, Middle East, Russia).

Aviamediatech specializes in:

• International business development including identifying and evaluating new market

• Market research, including audience and competitor analysis and industry reviews

• Developing business plans and models

• Developing financial arms or investment funds for multinational groups

• Mergers and Acquisition we will identify target companies for acquisition working with you on their valuation and be on your side to negotiate either a Merger or an Acquisition

We have also significant experience and expertise to build up Joint Ventures. External growth through Mergers & Acquisitions can help your company to gain a greater market advantage by buying out the competition, gain access to new markets or even diversify your service / product portfolio. We apply disciplined consulting and financial methods to carry all those consulting and capital services.

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