Trading Services

Our trading representation services are available to clients in the Aviation, Media and Technology sectors who need marketing support during their European/American or Asian expansion. This service enables you to establish a presence in new territories quickly and easily without incurring extensive fixed overhead costs.

Aviamediatech specializes in:

• International market research

• International market positioning

• International business development and sales

Private Jets

AviaMediaTech Ltd assists clients looking to buy or sell a private jet through a consultancy agreement proposal that exclusively appoints AviaMediaTech Ltd as a business aviation consultant to guide the client through all phases of a sales event. In the case of private jets, the consultancy services when acquiring or selling a private jet include evaluating client requirements, the aircraft and market conditions, developing marketing and advertising material for sale purposes, negotiating right price and guidance in administrative and legal requirements as well as technical inspections and test flights for the aircraft.

real estate

Alongside Private Jets, AviaMediaTech Ltd has also successfully connected buyers and sellers in real estate. Examples include the Villa Belle Epoque, located in a residential area 10 minutes outside Monte Carlo and a 10-room Villa Beaulieu sur Mer on the French Riviera. In both cases, a thorough evaluation of property’s current condition and its market value was done, after which brochure for marketing purposes for sale/for rent was designed, including detailed information on the property and its layout. In addition to negotiation of sale and lease agreements and marketing, AviaMediaTech’s trading services also include identifying target buyers, and assisting with agent dealings and closing of the sale.

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